The company

GRUPO VISEL was established in 2012 and is integrated by several companies, it is dedicated to the development, research, manufacture and marketing of the high-efficiency PV modules of the VISEL brand. With a total of 184Mws sold we have presence in 4 of the 5 continents.

We believe in a future with a world running solely and exclusively with energy from green sources, for this VISEL works in the design and production of solar energy supplying the world with affordable and integrated alternative energy systems and solutions.
Our mission is competitiveness with sustainable growth to become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of crystalline photovoltaic solar modules reaching all corners of the world.
As in almost all markets, in photovoltaic there is a fierce competition, only differentiating ourselves from the others we will succeed, and this we will only achieve with the values ​​of perseverance, effort and iron will.
Warehouse network allowing fast after sales service

Permanent stocks for fast deliveries

Percentage of defective panels very low 0.015%

We set a fixed term 3% of our benefit to cover the guarantee
Optimum performance and efficiency with proven durability and strength

Competitive price and flexible payment methods

High quality materials used in manufacturing

business Capabilities

We have an annual production capacity of 50MW and we plan to increase it in 2018 to 65MW.

Our human capital consists of 40 people of great experience among operators, engineers and sales staff.

We also have sound accounts and a strong financial statement with a turnover of around 17 million dollars annually and annual profits of more than 2 million dollars.